i h8 u why cant i draw like this tbh

h8r!!! come round and i will teach u

hello i am back

hello i am back

  • baburujidai:

    Even more Mokochan

  • this is good


Happy 25th, Mother, you fabulous game series, you!(Check out my Vimeo later today for a high-quality version of this animation!)
    Your parents are rich...


    we were comfortable 

    we had a ranch

    *sees urn of ashes* …ZAYUM Daddy….you’re making me horny….

    Is lusting after skeletons the highest form of daddy complex

    What if my daddy complex never stops? What if I’M 40 years old and I’m still lusting after older men than me? like sexy 100 year old almost dead daddy hunks??

    Show us your full belly!

    i fell asleep and now its not full now im hngry


    i ate so uch food that i couldnt move