A “fursona”? No thanks, I’m Christian

Lana Del Rey - Sad Girl
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I came home to see this hanging from the apartment above mine. I’m honestly feeling really attacked.

The mass effect dance

Ok but in all seriousness gamergate is so important because the crystal I wear around my neck contains an essence that gets recharged when I jack it with a bro who also has a crystal. It gives me confidence at work, home, social situations, etc. Nobody knows it's a JO crystal but me and my bros. I have seen it glow while jerking it with a bud thats how I know this is real. You can come over for as long as you want but I need a picture of you preferably wearing a crystal before I waste my time.

If there was a movie with the Muppets and the Pirates of the Caribbean together I would watch that

Muppet treasure island is the film and it’s the best film of all time


「love you in chains」



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